About Ray

Hi, I’m Ray, a photographer based near Brighton and Hove, East Sussex in the UK. I’ve been into photography since the 1980’s. I’ve also worked in various business sectors up to Managing Director level. Here is everything you need to know about Ray Burn Photography.

My Story

I’ve been based in and around the Brighton area since 2008, although I’m originally from London. Brighton is a great city for photography, with so many iconic sights and interesting people to photograph.

I first got into photography as a young boy back in the 1980’s. By the age of 13 I had a darkroom in our tiny attic at home and I processed the film and made the prints myself.

I’ve owned a camera ever since, albeit with some years of photographic inactivity along the way. It was after moving to Brighton that my interest in photography was rekindled.

These days I only shoot digital, my film days are a distant but cherished memory. It was fun!

Career CV

I spent 20 years in the print and graphics sector, working my way up to Managing Director. However, I left the printing industry in 2008.

In 2009 I changed direction completely and qualified as a Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster. I then started a charter boat hire business which I still own. However, I only work part time with that business these days.

With so much spare time on my hands I decided to return to professional photography locally in Brighton and Hove, which I did during 2019.

Additionally, in 2022, I became a unit stills photographer for film and TV productions in London and all over the UK.

Ray Burn - Unit Stills Photographer
Ray Burn – Unit Stills Photographer
20 years in the Print and Graphics Industry
20 years in the Print and Graphics Industry

More about Ray

I also publish my portfolio of image galleries and write about my work, categorised by the photographic genres I specialise in:

Unit Stills Photographer

Unit Stills Photographer and BTS Photography - London and UK

I specialise in Film and TV stills. You can learn more about my work as a unit stills photographer in London and the rest of the UK here.

More Professional Photography

Brighton Photographer - Professional Photography

Alternatively, you can learn about more of my work as a professional photographer in Brighton, London and the South East here.

Brighton Street Photography

Brighton Street Photography Galleries and Photographer

Locally, I’m a prolific street photographer in my spare time. You can learn more about my Brighton street photography here.

Travel Photography

Street and Travel Photography - Galleries and Photographer

Another of my genres is travel photography. You can learn more about my work as a street and travel photographer in the UK and internationally here.

Company and Trading Name Information

Ray Burn Photography is a trading name of Burnimage Limited. Ray is the sole director and employee of this company.

Company Name: Burnimage Limited – T/A Ray Burn Photography

Company Registered Number: 06978907 England

VAT Number: 976 6454 65

Insurance: The company maintains appropriate public liability insurance for professional photographic services.