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In my role as the photographer for Ark Movie Productions I attended their investor event at The Groucho Club in Soho, London. At this event the upcoming film projects “Last Kings of London”, “Dirty Truckers” & “Refuge” were introduced to the industry and to potential investors.

I’m really excited to be working with Ark Movie Productions. It’s a company I’ve become involved with as their unit stills photographer in London and the UK. Two of the three film projects introduced at this event are already at the pre-production stage. Whilst the third film is at the advanced planning stage. These are perfect film projects that are ready to go for investors.

Here are some of my images from the event featuring Ray Burdis, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. Plus the boxer Hughie Fury, Alison King, Perry Benson, Joanna Lumley, Steffi and Peter Shilton, Rob Stushki and more:

Ark Movie Productions - Logo
Rob Stushki - CEO - Ark Movie Productions
Rob Stushki – CEO

About Ark Movie Productions

Ark Movie Productions is an independent production company with a focus on making films about true events.

Rob Stushki – CEO

Rob found himself on the set of the film “Best Laid Plans” back in 2011 during a successful career in music entertainment. This re-ignited his passion for all things film.

He went on to secure the rights to make “Last Kings of London” after working in the offices of a UK film company. Rob has been instrumental in the creation and development of this film, which is now in pre-production.

Rob has also been instrumental in advancing the comedy “Dirty Truckers” to the pre-production stage.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Rob is also the initial creator of “Refuge”, which is currently in the earlier stages of development.

Production Team

The company has an impressive array of talent on board, featuring some of the UK’s best known and upcoming writers, producers, directors and actors. You can learn more about the Production Team here.

Advisory Board

Furthermore, Ark Movie Productions is supported by an Advisory Board with an impressive range of credentials and track record in the movie industry. You can learn more about the Advisory Board here.

Ark Movie Productions – Current Projects

I’m so excited to be involved in these current films projects with Ark Movies, which are amazing investment opportunities too:

Last Kings of London

The “Last Kings of London” is a film written and directed by Ray Burdis, an industry legend with whom I have had the honour of working with before.

Ray Burdis produced “The Krays” in 1990. This was a critically acclaimed and commercially lucrative film starring Gary and Martin Kemp.


This is a true story. But there are always two sides to any story. The Krays were not really the glamorous duo that have become a part of popular folklore. Actually, they were vicious thugs.

The “Last Kings of London” tells that other side of this story. It shines a spotlight on the violence and the terror they spread. It does so through the eyes of DCI Leonard “Nipper” Read, the Scotland Yard Detective who finally brought the Krays’s to justice in 1969.

Ray Burdis

Ray Burdis has over 50 years experience in the industry as a writer, producer, actor and director.

His hits include “The Krays” (1990). “The Wee Man” (2013) and “Love Honour and Obey” (2000).

A winner of many nominations and BAFTA’s, Ray has worked with many legends of stage and screen. Such as: Ray Winstone, Jude Law, Jonny Lee Miller, John Hannah, Kathy Burke, Martin Compston and Sadie Frost.

Ready for Investors

The “Last Kings of London” is in pre-production and ready to go! If you are a film investor the timing is perfect to get involved!

Dirty Truckers

Dirty Truckers - Film - Ark Movie Productions

“Dirty Truckers” is a period comedy set in the 1980’s.

Once again it’s a film based on a true story. Telling a real story such as this is ingrained in the Ark Movie Productions DNA.

Star-Studded Cast

Furthermore, the legends that are Ricky Tomlinson, Perry Benson and Alison King are already onboard to headline a star-studded cast.


In the 1980’s Britain was plunged into mass unemployment. If you drove a tipper truck and worked in a quarry there were opportunities to “get creative” with ways to earn more money.

But the drivers “bite off more than they can chew”. They know they need to keep a low profile with their endeavours.

But they increasingly come to the attention of the Police, the corrupt quarry owners and the local Mafia.

Often with hilarious consequences.

Ready for Investors

It gets better though. If you are investor, this film is already written and at the pre-production stage. It’s the perfect time to get involved!


Refuge - Film - Ark Movie Productions

Based on another true story, “Refuge” is the latest film project to join the Ark Movie Productions stable.

As such it is at the planning rather than the pre-production stage at the time of writing. But a story of this calibre should excite investors who are looking for a world class pipeline of film productions to invest in.


It’s the early 1970’s and London is basking in the bohemian sunset of the “swinging sixties”. But there’s a darker side to society bought into focus by Erin Pizzey.

Her Women’s Community Centre in Chiswick soon became swamped with battered wives and their children. These women were the first to publicly escape from a horrid life that had previously been swept under the carpet by society. Never to be mentioned.

For Erin and her stalwart friend Anne Ashby this was the start of a battle with the press, police, politicians and the legal system.

As we now look back to those times it’s unfathomable to comprehend how the various pillars of the establishment were so determined to thwart these efforts to establish safe houses for battered women and their children.

But, nevertheless, that’s what happened. There were threats of jail terms, a murder, a fire and all sorts of obstacles thrown in their way.

But then Queen Elizabeth II made a subtle intervention. Soon after that the tide started turning in favour of justice and legitimate safe havens for these victims of abuse.

UK Film Industry for Investors in 2024

In recent years the independent film industry has been a tax efficient investment opportunity for investors, with potentially significant returns on the cards both in the short term and for many years ahead. But, after the Chancellors Budget on Thursday 7th March 2024, the case for investing in British films has become more attractive than ever.

And there’s no better company to direct your investment to than Ark Movie Productions! If you’re interested in investing and becoming a shareholder or simply want to learn more please contact:

Rob Stushki – CEO
Ark Movie Productions
Tel: +44 203 282 0588

Alternatively, click here to request more information and a brochure.

More about the Event

Everything I’ve mentioned in this post was rolled out at an event held by Ark Movie Productions at the Groucho Club in London’s Soho on Thursday 29th February 2024. I was there as the photographer for this event.

I’ve made a few contacts and friends within the film industry over the last few years, which is how I’ve ended up as the Unit Stills Photographer for Ark Movie Productions and covering their events too.

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