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I attended the Black Lives Matter or BLM protest march in Brighton on Saturday 13th June 2020 to make this photo documentary about the event.

Covid-19 social distancing measures were still in place at this time and I pondered whether it was wise to attend. However, having checked the BLM Brighton social media feeds the day before, I felt it would be ok to go.

The organisers were keen to stress that 2 metres social distancing should be observed and that protective face masks were to be worn.

Of course, all this was based on an anticipated turnout of 1000 people, which turned into an estimated attendance of between 10,000 and 15,000 people on the day!

Brighton does Protests well!

I’ll say one thing though, Brighton certainly knows how to “do” protests well! There was a very peaceful and moving vibe on the day, with no arrests or trouble. Well done Brightonians!

Documenting the Black Lives Matter Protest

I had never documented a protest march in Brighton before, mostly due to other commitments and diary clashes. But as a reportage and documentary photographer I felt it was important to attend and photograph this Black Lives Matter protest in Brighton.

After all, it was a “moment” in history and I think my photos document this moment quite well. In fact, I was proud to add this protest to my portfolio of work as a professional photographer in Brighton.

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