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I have now completed my first year as a member of Brighton and Hove Camera Club (BHCC for short). This post documents my first season of membership. Here are some interesting facts about the club:

About Brighton and Hove Camera Club

  • Brighton and Hove Camera Club was established in 1891.
  • The club has 159 members at the time of writing.
  • BHCC is one of the oldest and largest photography clubs in the UK.
  • Membership currently costs £56 per annum.
  • A two week trial is available for £6, refunded if you become a full member within eight weeks.
  • The club meets every Tuesday evening at the Methodist Church Hall in Hove.
  • The meeting season runs from September to May.
  • During the summer months various photographic activities are organised.
  • There is also a New Members Group (NMG for short).
  • The NMG meets on selected Thursday evenings during your first season of membership.

During Covid-19 Lockdown the club had to suspend weekly meetings. But these were quickly replaced with fortnightly Zoom meetings which proved to be a great success. The club also has an active presence on various social media.

Club Meetings – Guest Speakers

Many of the Tuesday evening club meetings feature high calibre guest speaker photographers from all over the world.

I enjoyed all of them but my personal favourites were Marilyn Stafford and the legendary Normski.

That will give you some idea about the calibre of speakers the club attracts!

Member Critique Evenings

The other type of meeting held on Tuesday evenings are the highly popular Member Critiques.

Each member is invited to submit an image for constructive critique on the night. The submitted image can be a digital file, a print or both.

It doesn’t need to be Brighton photography, it can be any work you want to present.

A guest judge or club member conducts the critiquing and awards a Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit.

The club runs these Member Critiques instead of traditional competitions. The idea being that the feedback you receive is more constructive than a competition.

During my first season I submitted nine images and received five Silvers and four Golds. I’m very happy with that!

My Critique Submissions

Here are the images I submitted for critique and the results:

29.10.19 – “Wassup?” – Silver

Wassup? - Silver Award - BHCC Critique - 29.10.19
Wassup? – Silver Award

19.11.19 – “Destitution” – Silver

Destitution - Silver Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - Critique - 19.11.19
Destitution – Silver Award

05.12.19 NMG – “Down the Pub” – Gold

Down the Pub - Gold Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - NMG Critique - 05.12.19
Down the Pub – Gold Award

05.12.19 NMG – “Still Down the Pub” – Gold

Still Down the Pub - Gold Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club -  NMG Critique - 05.12.19
Still Down the Pub – Gold Award

14.01.20 – “Wistfully Preparing Lunch” – Gold

Wistfully Preparing Lunch - Gold Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club -  Critique - 14.01.20
Wistfully Preparing Lunch – Gold Award

04.02.20 – “Crossing the Tracks” – Silver

Crossing the Tracks - Silver Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - Critique - 04.02.20
Crossing the Tracks – Silver Award

25.02.20 – “Howler and the Docs” – Silver

Howler and Docs - Silver Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - Critique - 25.02.20
Howler and the Docs – Silver Award

10.03.20 – “Sunshine Stroll” – Silver

Sunshine Stroll - Silver Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - Critique - 10.03.20
Sunshine Stroll – Silver Award

21.04.20 – “Calming the Baby” – Gold

Calming the Baby - Gold Award - Brighton and Hove Camera Club - Critique - 21.04.20
Calming the Baby – Gold Award

A Sociable Bunch

I must say the club members are a very sociable and welcoming bunch and that makes the club something special. I have to give a shout out to Greig, Luis and David. We joined at the same time and have become firm friends. Within the club we are known as “The Back Row Boys”. I think this might be because……. we always sit at the back!

Brighton and Hove Camera Club – Good Investment!

In conclusion, joining Brighton and Hove Camera Club has been a very good photographic investment!

I think membership is worthwhile for the complete beginner through to the seasoned professional photographer.

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with a smartphone or the latest gear. In fact we rarely talk gear within the club.

Why not come and check us out?

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7 thoughts on “Brighton and Hove Camera Club • BHCC”

  1. It’s been great fun having you, and “The Back Row Crew” on board Ray. Now that you guys are “seasoned members” you’ll have to move up a row, or two, or take up the tradition of heckling entries on “Critique” nights, which is what myself and the likes of JW, Pete Castleton and those of us who joined together some years back.
    The club is a great place to socialise and meet others of similar interests in photography and also a place to gain inspiration, when we see the presentations of the very well known speakers we have on a Tuesday night.
    Long may it continue bud, and see you down the pub once everything returns to normal.

    • Hey Rod I’m not sure the back row crew are ready to move forward a few rows just yet, that’s quite a responsibility 😉 Of course we’d never heckle because as you know we’re all far too polite …. 😉 Hopefully see you all down the pub soon!

  2. Good times, Ray! I second what you’ve said here… fantastic club. It even managed to come up with an online summer lockdown program! Glad to have met you and pleased to call you a mate! Oh, and congrats on all that silver/goldware… great shots! 🙂

    • Very good times indeed Greig! The club responded so quickly to provide an online solution when Covid-19 kicked in, extra Kudos to the team for that! I value our friendship too and your images are a constant source of inspiration. Happy days!

  3. Ray, as I’m a grizzled old club member it is great to read your blog. It seems we’re doing something right ! Your first season started well and was, like everything else, disrupted by covid-19 and some wonderful visiting speakers had to be cancelled. Our Zoom led Summer Programme has hopefully kept members in touch and when it’s safe to do so, we hope to deliver a few delights again. The club benefits greatly from fresh faces and new talent, especially when a few arrive together, bond like you all have and socialise in the way you have. Long may it continue and thanks for all your kind words here.

    • Hi Steve, it’s established members like you and the rest of the committee who make the club such a success and I thank you all for that. I’d particularly like to thank you for your work on the Zoom summer programme. It’s helped to keep the club vibrant and in touch during Lockdown!


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