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These galleries feature my Brighton street photography. It’s a wonderful city and I consider myself lucky to live here. I’m a prolific street photographer. So there’s new galleries featuring my work in Brighton posted on a regular basis.

Brighton for Street Photographers

The city of Brighton and Hove is brilliant for street photographers in so many ways. Mainly due to the wonderful people who live here.

Secondly, Brighton is a very cosmopolitan and progressive city. It’s a vibe you can tune into and convey through the images you create on the streets.

As for the city itself, it’s a fascinating blend of traditional British seaside resort and bustling urban sprawl.

Furthermore, there are so many interesting characters to photograph. We have street performers and buskers galore. Plus there’s always something happening.

For example, there are lots of festivals and exhibitions. There are lots of tourists and day trippers visiting the city too, especially during the summer months.

In fact, there are so many fantastic opportunities in Brighton!

Brighton Street Photographers Guide

If you want to learn more, my Brighton Street Photographers Guide features the best locations and seasons. Plus tips and advice for street photography in Brighton.

Brighton Street Photography Galleries and Photographer

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I also post my street photography from the rest of the UK here on this section of my blog. Plus local Sussex photography and relevant tips and tutorials.

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You might also be interested in my travel photography, which also tends to be street oriented. However, my international work has a greater emphasis on documentary style storytelling. Conveying the story of everyday life becomes more important when I'm overseas.

My Brighton Street Photography Blog:

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Winter 2022-23 • Brighton

Winter 2022-23 - Brighton Street Photography at Night

This post features my images from the winter 2022-23 on the streets of Brighton, all shot at night. Because that’s when it gets dark early!

Summer 2022 • Brighton

Summer 2022 - Brighton Street Photography

These are my images from the streets of Brighton during the summer of 2022. Ok, I know I’m posting these photos months later. But I had a cunning plan.

Winter 2021-22 • Brighton

Winter 2021-22 - Brighton Street Photography

This post features my images from Winter 2021-22 on the streets of Brighton. I’m clearing a backlog of photography waiting to be published!

Summer 2021 • Brighton

Summer 2021 - Brighton Street Photography

This post features my images from the Summer of 2021 on the Streets of Brighton. I’ve been busy, it’s taken longer than usual to post them!

Hen Party • Brighton

Hen Party - Brighton Street Photography

This is the story about a Hen Party photographed whilst out on the streets of Brighton. It’s one of the perils facing a Brighton Street Photographer!

May 2021 • Brighton

May 2021 - Brighton Street Photography

This post features my images on the streets of Brighton for May 2021. I apologise for how long it has taken to post this work, my business life has been really hectic this summer!

April 2021 • Brighton

April 2021 - Brighton Street Photography

I was finally able to return to the streets of Brighton for photography in April 2021. Once again the whole of the UK went into Covid-19 lockdown from January to March.

Winter 2020 • Brighton

Winter 2020 - Brighton Street Photography

This gallery features some of my photography on the streets of Brighton during the winter of 2020. I had a lot of time on my hands in November and December.

October 2020 • Brighton

October 2020 - Brighton Street Photography

October 2020 was a busy month for me and I didn’t get out for as many photography walks in Brighton as I’d like to. That said, I did get some of my favourite street images of the year in October.