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Whilst I was in Cairo I had to visit Khan el-Khalili, the oldest Souq and Bazaar in Egypt. If you get the chance I’d strongly recommend that you pay a visit there too.

Egypt Travel Photography

I spent a month travelling all over Egypt in January 2019. This is part two of a retrospective series of travel photography images documenting my Egypt trip.

About Khan el-Khalili

Khan el-Khalili Souq and Bazaar and is located in Old Cairo and was established in the 14th century. It’s a must see in Cairo and a treasure trove for us photographers. Oh, and for shopping! Khan el-Khalili is the oldest open air market in Egypt and the whole of the Middle East.


The Souq is famous for its clothing, perfumes, jewellery, spices and souvenirs. It’s a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. Just remember that many of the souvenirs are made in China whereas the locals are there for traditional artisan goods. Haggling is the norm in markets like this and a rule of thumb is to pay around one third of the starting price. Haggling is a national sport in Egypt, it’s all part of the fun. In fact, if haggling were an Olympic sport I think the Egyptians would win most of the medals! Anyway, once your haggled a price the payment will be in cash. You can forget any idea of using credit cards here!

Coffee Shops and People Watching

If you’re not interested in shopping there are numerous coffee shops in the market which are great for people watching and chilling out. In fact, it’s probably the best place in town for people watching. So it’s ideal for us photographers too!

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