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I first photographed the fantastic band Fukushima Dolphin in Brighton in September. It was on the 27th September 2020 to be precise. At first I didn’t know who these guys were.

It was only after I posted some of these images on social media that I learnt more about these wonderful musicians through the comments I received.

It turns out that Fukushima Dolphin are a very well known band and much loved on the Brighton music scene. That’s for good reason. Because they are excellent!

Clearly, I no longer have my finger of the pulse of the current music scene. I have an excuse though. It’s because of my age! I was definitely better informed in the “old days”.

It’s fair to say the loss has been mine.

Wonderful Brighton

Brighton is wonderful for documentary and event photographers like me. The city is brimming with talent and quite often that talent delights us on the streets of Brighton. For a professional photographer who photographs people it’s fabulous.

Especially during the Covid-19 ravaged year of 2020 when live entertainment venues have been forced to close. That leaves the streets as one of the only places for bands to play to an audience.

The Audience

Talking about the audience, what a lovely bunch of folk they were! A mixture of fans who had turned up specifically to see Fukushima Dolphin play and passers by who stopped to enjoy the show. It was definitely a (socially distanced) party atmosphere.

That’s why the majority of these images are of the audience rather than the band, it was great to see people enjoying the show!

More About the Band

There are severals ways to learn more about the band. I recommend that you look them up, they are excellent!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my images of this wonderful band and their equally wonderful audience and fans.

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