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This is my Hanoi street photography and travel documentary. For people photographers Vietnam is an absolute paradise!

Greetings from Hanoi, or Good Morning Vietnam as Robin Williams would yell (bless him). I’m going to tell you the story about daily life in this amazing capital city of Vietnam!

Hanoi is a gloriously, fabulously, insanely crazy city. In other words it’s awesome and I love it here!

Crossing the Street

I found a lovely little boutique hotel, the likes of which are plentiful, in the “Old Quarter” and this is where most tourists tend to hang out. Upon checking in I was given a briefing on “how to cross the street in Hanoi, Sir!” I thought it a little odd to be giving such a briefing to a grown man who knows his Green Cross Code. However, I’d arrived before sunrise and little did I know.

After a quick nap I decided to step out for a walk…. and immediately understood. The traffic is absolutely crazy with no concept of giving way to other motorists or pedestrians whatsoever! The gist of my earlier briefing was to simply step out into the road and keep going. Do not change course, stop, or step backwards. Crossing the street is simple! It works too. Insane.

The population of Hanoi is approaching 8 million and apparently there are around 4 million scooters and mopeds in the city. I believe it!

I’d say the only thing that outnumbers the 2 wheelers is the smartphone. Not any old smart phone either. Everyone seems to have an iPhone of some description, even the apparently poorest residents. They’re all addicted to them too. I mean properly, hopelessly addicted. Much worse than our minor epidemic in the UK.

Hanoi is a hive of enterprise, there are street traders everywhere and stores bursting out onto every pavement. Oh and the food…. my goodness, its delicious! Possibly the best street food on the planet? The Vietnamese are a busy and industrious lot, I no longer think it is us Brits who are the nation of shopkeepers (a pity).

Hanoi Train Street

There’s so much to see and do in Hanoi but I’m going to share with you my favourite part of the city for a travel or street photographer. No contest, it’s the famous Hanoi Train Street and the surrounding area. I wont try and describe it, I’ll let my images tell you the story. That’s the documentary photographer within me coming to the fore!

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6 thoughts on “Hanoi Street Photography & Travel Documentary”

  1. Great photos Ray.

    Didn’t know about your photography. I have been to Vietnam before but not Hanoi. Ha Long Bay was my favourite along with Hoi An. Maybe you’ll be heading that way? Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Malcolm, yep photography has been an on off hobby since I was a kid, but it’s the last few years I’ve really got into it. By the way I’m typing this having a beer in Ha Long Bay right now and Hoi An is on the itinerary too. Happy Christmas!


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