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This is the story about a Hen Party photographed whilst out on the streets of Brighton. It’s one of the perils facing a Brighton Street Photographer!

As a lone street photographer wandering around Brighton it’s always been in the back of my mind that you’re in a potentially vulnerable situation. It finally came to pass last weekend…….

All I did was …

All I did was to walk past the caricature artist near the pier, where two sisters were having their portrait done. They pounced! Next thing I know I’m kidnapped and forced to the pub, whereupon I’m made to drink beer with their Hen Party and take pictures…….

The perils facing a Brighton Street Photographer

So, these are the perils facing a Brighton Street Photographer. There are potential risks around every corner. All I can say is … keep your wits about you and stay safe folks!

Luckily, I escaped totally unscathed on this occasion. Phew!

Joking aside….

Joking aside, these ladies from Leicester were adorable and it was a privilege to spend an hour or two in their company and take their pictures.

Brighton gradually opens up!

Furthermore, it’s great to see Brighton gradually opening up to visitors again after a seemingly endless Covid-19 Lockdown!

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