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This post features my images on the streets of Brighton for May 2021. I apologise for how long it has taken to post this work, my business life has been really hectic this summer!

It has been a complete reversal from the endless Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and the start of 2021. I’m actually very thankful for that, both mentally and financially!

I’ve been busy

So yes, I’ve been really busy. So much so that I only did one Brighton street photography session in May. These images were all created on Tuesday 11th to be precise. It was a rare day off for me!

Ultra Wide Angle Street Photography

These images were all created using one of my favourite techniques. Namely shooting ultra wide angle street photography. In this case you’re looking at images mostly shot at a focal length of 14mm, with some shot at 15 or 16mm (on a full frame camera).

I adore shooting ultra wide angle and the slightly surreal images you can achieve by doing so. It’s something I’ve not really mentioned since my Brighton Beach and Seafront project back in June of last year. It’s one of my favourite techniques for creating dynamic street photography.

Mostly Monochrome

As usual most of these images are in monochrome. I’ve very much settled on “a look” for my street photography and a consistent approach to black and white conversion is very much a part of that look. In my case that means very contrasty and punchy images that maintain a full tonal range.

Anyway, here is my work on the streets of Brighton from May 2021:

Click on the photos to view full size:

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