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I was delighted to be hired as the unit stills photographer for Miss the Kiss. It’s a hilarious British gangster comedy film due for release in 2023.

At the time of writing, Miss the Kiss is in the final stages of post production. I’ll update this post when the film is released and I can tell you more.

About the Film

Miss the Kiss is a Fugitive Film Productions film directed by Ray Burdis. Ray and Michael Head are the writers.

The Plot

“For as long as Jack can remember, he and Danny have been friends, and Danny has always gotten Jack into trouble. The young actor has a few brushes with the law and blows up half a high street before deciding to turn to acting. Everything is going well until Jack lands his first feature film role and Danny agrees to shadow ‘the family’. Jack soon realizes he is way over his head with deadly and hilarious consequences.”

Source: IMDb – Miss the Kiss

The Cast

During my time on set I had the pleasure of photographing and working with Martin Kemp, Michelle Collins, Charlie Clapham, Daniel O’Reilly, Trevor Laird, Perry Benson and Lady C.

The film also stars Patsy Kensit, John Hannah, Sadie Frost, Vas Blackwood, Sophie Rankin and many more.

It’s a star-studded cast for sure!

Crew and Production

The cast, the crew and everyone involved in the production were a delight to work with. I need to give a special shout out to the Associate Producer, Gavin Sanctis. Thank you for hiring me Gavin. We’ve since become good mates too!

My Job

My job was to provide unit stills photography during live takes and also to provide documentary images from behind the scenes (known as BTS in the film industry).

Filming Locations

Filming locations for Miss the Kiss were mostly in Kent. But some of the scenes were shot in East Sussex and West Sussex.

Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is everything in this industry. It’s sacrosanct and I will always respect that. When the film is released and I’m given permission to do so I will update this post with my gallery of images for the film.

Behind The Scenes - Unit Stills Photography
Ray Burdis and Ali Asad – Behind the Scenes

Special Permission

In the meantime, thanks to Gavin Sanctis and the folks at Fugitive Film Productions for giving me special permission to use two of my “behind the scenes” image outtakes as a teaser for the film and for this post.

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