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I was delighted to hear recently that some of my photography is being studied as part of the GCSE syllabus by students at the Northfleet Technology College in Kent.

I found out by email:

Email received 16.09.22:

I am a photography teacher at Northfleet Technology College near Dartford in Kent.
I came across your work whilst visiting Brighton with my daughter (who is a keen photographer) and I was very impressed with your images that showcased moveent in your images. We cover Movement as a large project in the students GCSE coursework and we have been looking at Ernst Haas work for a few years now but I’m always on the look out for new photographers to showcase. Last year, I chose your work as a project for the students to be inspired by and the results were very good, therefore I just wanted you to be aware that you are now one of the photographers that our future photographers from NTC are looking at to inspire them in their own work

Brian • Photography Tutor

Inspiring the photographers of tomorrow

The thought that I’m helping to inspire the photographers of tomorrow is very humbling, to say the least!

It’s important to spread inspiration. But it’s equally important to remember that we never stop learning. I hope I can continue to do both.

Movement in photography

Brian picked up on my “movement in photography”. My tutorial about motion blur photography gives you an idea about the subject matter and technical aspects of what we are talking about here.

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