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October 2020 was a busy month for me and I didn’t get out for as many photography walks in Brighton as I’d like to. That said, I did get some of my favourite street images of the year in October.

It reminded me that there is a lot to be said for quality over quantity. I’m making a note to myself about that!

I only have a handful of images to show you this time. So I’m going to describe each one rather than put them in a slideshow at the end of the post. This is October 2020 in Brighton:

Kensington Gardens • North Laine

Kensington Gardens and the North Laine area has been photographed endlessly. I’m one of those Brighton street photographers who is drawn back there time and time again.

But I’m quite pleased with these two images and thought they were worth sharing. I think the compositions work well:

Kensington Gardens - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Kensington Gardens
Smoke Break - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Smoke Break – Kensington Gardens

Brighton Lanes at Night

The Brighton Lanes are also photographed endlessly but I think they come alive for street photography at night. Especially when it’s raining. I think the wet cobbles add something significant to the resultant images.

There is a “Victorian” feel to an image like this. But I’ll keep my eye open for the opportunity to capture a similar image without things like the “To Let” sign in the frame. Excluding stuff like that would add to the vintage feel.

Alas, that’s increasingly difficult to achieve these days:

Lanes at Night - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Brighton Lanes at Night


I call this image “Jump”. I’m all for simple and descriptive titles!

This is one of my favourite Brighton street photography images of 2020. It might look like it was setup and posed. But it wasn’t.

I saw the potential image unfolding in the distance and maybe had 20 seconds to adjust my camera settings to suit whilst simultaneously running towards the scene.

I arrived, dropped to my knees, composed the shot and rattled off one burst of 5 frames. This image is the result and I’m rather proud of it:

Jump - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020

Stroll on the Pier

The Palace Pier is another iconic venue photographed endlessly. Once again, I’m guilty as charged.

I think this image works because the light and framing (or cropping) is spot on. The deliberate use of motion blur is the cherry on top:

Stroll on the Pier - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Stroll on the Pier

Sunset Reflections

Whilst I was on the Pier that evening the sun was starting to set. It was a glorious sunset too. Sunsets are often best in this part of the world during autumn and winter.

I looked around me and noticed how many people were on the pier photographing the sunset. They were using everything from smartphones to proper cameras on sturdy tripods.

I reminded myself that I’m no landscape photographer. Then I saw this reflection in a Donuts and Crepes Kiosk that was closed for the evening. So I grabbed this image and went home:

Sunset Reflections - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Sunset Reflections

Back to motion blur…

Anyway, back to motion blur. Let’s make things a bit more moody and abstract.

I really like this image, the hooded figures look quite sinister and the colour palette has a rather painterly feel about it. I think the overall effect works well:

Hooded Figures - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020
Hooded Figures


This post is all about October, so I have to finish with a Halloween image!

I’m not gonna say anything about how I created the image. I’d rather some mystery was retained. I will say I’m very proud of it though.

Suffice to say it was taken in the North Laine area on the 25th October 2020. The week leading up to Halloween:

Halloween - Brighton Street Photography - October 2020

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