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These galleries feature my street and travel photography in the UK & internationally. Showcasing documentary style visual storytelling and decisive moments.

Travel Photographer

I’ve visited some wonderful countries as a travel photographer in recent years.

When travelling internationally I especially like to visit countries where the culture and way of life is far removed from our western lifestyle here in the UK.

Documentary Visual Storytelling

My style is often more documentary oriented when I'm travelling. In other words, it's a different approach to my street photography in the UK.

Visual storytelling becomes more important than creating dynamic images when I'm overseas. That's because different cultures fascinate me. I enjoy telling a story about everyday life in different parts of the world with my images.

Street Photographer

I'm a prolific street photographer and you will find my galleries from London and the rest of the UK here. Plus my international work.

However, many of my projects in this genre are created in my home city. So I post that separately. You can see my Brighton street photography here.

Street and Travel Photography - Galleries and Photographer

Notes for Travel Editors

I work as a freelance travel photographer. Please contact me if you are a travel editor who is interested in hiring me or using any of my existing images.

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More Photography

You might like to have a look at my professional photography here or my unit stills photography here.

My Street and Travel Photography:

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Kraków Street Photography • Rain at Night

Kraków Street Photography - Rain at Night

I’m just back from a trip to Kraków for street photography, in heavy rain at night as it happens! I arrived in Poland on Monday afternoon to be greeted by crisp autumn sunshine.

Egypt: Old Cairo and Citadel

Egypt - Old Cairo and Citadel

Whilst I was in Egypt I had to visit Old Cairo and the Citadel, perhaps the most fascinating part of this ancient city. In fact, I’d say that Old Cairo is a must see if you’re in town.