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This post features my images from the Summer of 2021 on the streets of Brighton. I’ve been busy, it’s taken longer than usual to post them!

I didn’t have many opportunities to get out with my camera this summer, it was just half a dozen times. To be precise the dates were 5th, 8th, 9th and 29th July. Plus the 6th August and 21st September.

So this a selection of my Brighton street photography from those shoots. There are more images than I normally post, but I’ve done my best to cull and edit them down to a reasonable number!

A city coming back to life

I really noticed the city coming back to life this summer. Especially after July 19th, widely dubbed as “Freedom Day”, when Covid-19 restrictions were lifted in the UK.

I’ve mentioned the Covid-19 pandemic a lot in my recent posts, for obvious reasons. Of course it’s still very much with us both locally and globally. But I’ve picked up on a societal vibe of “learning to live with the virus” lately.

I think that the sense of a slow return to something resembling normality is reflected in many of these images.

As for me? Well, I’ve had my two jabs but I still exercise caution. I always carry a mask and wear it where sensible to do so. On the bus, in supermarkets and so on. But, I’m living my life near to “normally” now. I’m so happy about that!

About the Photography

These days I nearly always set out with one lens and no camera bag when I’m doing street photography. However, the lens I choose might change from day to day. Just lately I’ve been shooting mostly with my 14-24mm ultra wide zoom or 85mm prime lens. From one extreme to another!

Ripped and Torn – A favourite street image from Brighton

Before I present the gallery I want to highlight one of my favourite street images from Brighton, taken on 05.07.21. I titled it “Ripped and Torn”. I wont provide a written narrative, I think there’s a novel lurking in the story of this image!

Ripped and Torn - Summer 2021 - Brighton Street Photography
Ripped and Torn

Anyway, here is my work as a Brighton street photographer from the summer of 2021.

Click on the photos to view full size:

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