Summer 2022 • Brighton

These are my images from the streets of Brighton during the summer of 2022. Ok, I know I’m posting these photos months later. But I had a cunning plan.

Posting these images during the colder months helps to remind us how glorious last summer was. Plus, it’s a reminder that warmer weather is on the way soon. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I love the Summer!

Whilst writing this post and curating the images for it I was reminded how much I love the British summer. Especially in a such classic city and seaside resort like Brighton. I’m so lucky to live here!

Brighton at its best

So yes, I think Brighton is at its best during the summertime. Everybody seems to be wearing a smile (and sometimes not much else)! Plus, aside from the local residents and characters, the city is flooded with wonderful tourists at this time of year too.

Particularly special

I think the summer of 2022 was particularly special, as it was the first time we’d truly lost the shackles imposed on us during the Covid pandemic. No masks, no social distancing. Just pure joy! The summer of 2022 was when we finally returned to something like normal. You could certainly sense this, just by being out on the streets!

The Photography

Photography wise, I was pleased to be able to get back to my favoured street photography style. Namely, getting closer with a wide angle lens to capture these moments.

Anyway, here is my work as a Brighton street photographer from the summer of 2022:

Click on the photos to view full size:

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