Unit Stills Photographer - London & UK

I'm a Unit Stills Photographer for Film & TV in London & the UK. You can depend on me to nail the shots you need to promote your production.


Unit Stills Photography

I’m here to deliver your unit stills photography for film and TV productions in London and the UK. You can depend on me to nail the shots you need to promote your film properly.

BTS Photography

Another key element of promoting your film is BTS (Behind the Scenes) photography. Between live takes I can document the candid moments that tell the story about the making of your film.

London & UK

Much of my unit stills photography is London based. I’m also available to work on films and TV in the rest of the UK too. It helps that I’m a bit of a nomad, a bonus in this industry for sure!

Experience and Set Etiquette

I bring my countless years of photographic experience to your crew. I’m immune to pressure and always smiling. Importantly, I have an instinct for visual storytelling and nailing the decisive moments in your production. With a solid understanding of set etiquette and a lifetime of people skills I won't get in anybodies way either.

Hiring Me

If you're interested in hiring me please make contact to discuss what you are looking for:

Contact Ray
Unit Stills Photographer and BTS Photography - London and UK

Availability and Transport

Getting to your location is no problem at all. I drive a low emission ULEZ compliant vehicle. I also use public transport when more appropriate.

I'm quite flexible with my availability, so assignments at short notice are sometimes possible. If my schedule has a gap I'll be there.

Equipment - Box Hire

When you hire a unit stills photographer they will use their own equipment and "box hire" is part of the fee. Therefore, the photographers equipment must be sufficient to deliver the work, without fail.

I've got you more than covered here. You can learn more about the camera equipment I use as a unit stills photographer here.

Unit Stills & BTS Testimonials

Ray’s superb photography captures moments brilliantly and delivers fantastic results. Ray is capable of taking on a brief and delivering what is needed with a good eye for detail. In addition to understanding the craft and knowing when to capture the right image, Ray is a pleasure and a joy to work with, and I highly recommend him.

Gavin Sanctis • Producer
Fugitive Film Productions Ltd

Ray Burn • IMDb Profile & Credits

You can see my IMDb profile and credits for unit stills photography here:

Ray Burn • IMDb Profile
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My Unit Stills and BTS Photography Blog:

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Ark Movie Productions • Investor Event • London

Ark Movie Productions - London Investor Event - Photography

In my role as the photographer for Ark Movie Productions I attended their investor event at The Groucho Club in Soho, London. At this event the upcoming film projects “Last Kings of London”, “Dirty Truckers” & “Refuge” were introduced to the industry and to potential investors.

Miss The Kiss • Unit Stills

Miss the Kiss - Unit Stills Photography

I was delighted to be hired as the unit stills photographer for Miss the Kiss. It’s a hilarious British gangster comedy film due for release in 2023.