Winter 2020 • Brighton

This gallery features some of my photography on the streets of Brighton during the winter of 2020. I had a lot of time on my hands in November and December.

Covid-19 tier restrictions once again meant I was unable to work.

I used that free time wisely though, out and about with my camera as often as possible for some Brighton street photography. I even ventured into Saltdean and Telscombe for some of these images. Daring eh? However, this was all done in a socially distanced and responsible way.

I took a lot of photos during the winter of 2020. Which meant lots of editing to do! That’s why it took a while to compile this post.

Winter Street Photography

I love street photography during the winter. It’s all about the light. The sun sets early and it’s low in the sky all day. To me that means shooting into the sun and creating some dynamic images.

The other great thing about winter is the rain. Rain makes cobbled streets glisten, which makes for some wonderful photographic opportunities. Somehow a wet pavement looks more gorgeous than a dry one (photographically speaking).

Having said that, in early November you could be forgiven for thinking it was still summer. The weather was gorgeous! Somehow the sky seemed more beautiful too. Maybe because less planes in the air and traffic on the streets means less pollution during the pandemic?

Christmas Lights

Ok, I know, photographing the Christmas lights has been done endlessly. Especially in Brighton! But I can’t help myself. So there’s one of two images here featuring just that! I might have been even more cheesy by using bokeh in one or two images. Forgive me, it was Christmas!

Anyway, here is my work as a Brighton street photographer from the winter of 2020:

Click on the photos to view full size:

Brighton Street Photographers Guide

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