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This post features my images from the winter 2022-23 on the streets of Brighton, all shot at night. Because that’s when it gets dark early!

Brighton gets dark early in winter

In Brighton it gets dark around 4.00pm during the winter. But during the summer it can be as late as 10.00pm. Which is normally past my bedtime!

Solely at night

I looked back at my previous posts featuring winter 2020 and winter 2021-22. They include some images shot after dark. But it occurred to me that I’ve never published a gallery devoted solely to the streets of Brighton at night. This post puts that right!

My objectives

I set myself some objectives when setting out to capture these images:

1. Available light – no flash

I decided to only use available light without flash. Specifically, using street lights to illuminate faces. Or using the backlighting from shops and buildings for ambience, with people in partial silhouette.

2. Fast lenses and bokeh

By using my fast f1.8 prime lenses I was able to keep the ISO down for relatively noise free images. But, more importantly, using them wide open enabled me to get some gorgeous bokeh from lights in the background.

3. Motion Blur

Using long exposure to get motion blur is one of my favourite street photography techniques. Of course, this is easier to do at night, because low light lends itself to long shutter speeds for correct exposure. I didn’t carry a tripod so this involved some improvisation. For example, by resting my camera on a solid base such as a nearby step or litter bin, or simply by holding the camera steady!

Overall, I think I achieved the objectives I set for myself with this set of images.

Anyway, here is my work as a Brighton street photographer from the winter of 2022-23:

Click on the photos to view full size:

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