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The Panto Parade took place in London on the 30th September 2020. A collaborative Day of Action organised by ExcludedUK, Bectu and Equity. This photo reportage tells the story.

Pantomime dames, creative workers and businesses marched through London on the day. The London Panto Parade is normally an annual celebration. It was a peaceful protest this year instead. Many of the performing arts and small businesses have been excluded from meaningful government support during the pandemic. This was a day to come together and protest peacefully. A Covid Risk Assessment was provided by the organisers to the satisfaction of the Metropolitan Police. The event was well organised, that’s for sure!.

My Involvement

My involvement arose through my business being excluded from support too.

Wearing my other hat, as a professional photographer, made me determined to attend and help to get the story out there. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Documentary photography is a powerful medium.


ExcludedUK campaigns for justice on behalf of the estimated 3 million small business taxpayers excluded from government support and provide essential support and advice for those affected.

Have you been excluded too? Please join us on Facebook. There are 19,000 members there to help and support you.

Published in The Guardian Newspaper

One of my images headed an article by Patrick Collinson in The Guardian Newspaper published on Friday 6th November 2020. The image features Tim Farron MP with ExcludedUK.

Tim Farron MP with the Excluded UK Team
Tim Farron MP with the Excluded UK Team

Here are the rest of my images from the day:

Click on the photos to view full size:

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17 thoughts on “Panto Parade Day of Action • London”

  1. Brilliant work Ray, and it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. For all the right reasons I really hope we don’t have to do it again but, if we do, I know your work will inspire even more people to support. Thank You.

  2. You have managed to report on the event through your words, and pictures, in a balanced and unbiased way despite your involvement with one of the organisers. It was a very interesting read and I enjoyed looking at the accompanying images. Great work!

  3. Excellent snaps. It was such a great day yesterday and the spirit and unity was strong and uplifting.

    Am I right in thinking that all the photos are black and white? We don’t need to click or do anything for colour.?

    Again. Great pics. Great day!

    • Hi Helen, I decided from the outset that this work was going to be solely in black and white. I think it delivers a more powerful and hard hitting story than colour.

  4. Fantastically powerful images – love the black & white – think that packs more of a punch. Will definitely use on Twitter. Thanks for sharing.


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