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September 2020 saw me back out on the Brighton streets with my camera. Well, one day in September to be precise. In fact, this post is unusual in two ways.

Firstly, these images were shot during one afternoon on Saturday 26th September.

Secondly, I was re-acquainting myself with a different focal length. Namely, an 85mm prime lens.

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that my main street photography project for summer 2020 has been Brighton Beach and Seafront.

That project was shot exclusively with an ultra wide angle lens, which is increasingly becoming my signature street style. I just love how dynamic and unworldly the results from using a wide angle lens on the streets can be. I’ve been using a 14-30mm zoom lens for that series of images.

85mm Prime Lens Street Photography?

So why use an 85mm prime lens for Street Photography? Especially when my signature style is much wider?

Well, I’ll tell you the truth. 85mm is one of my all time favourite focal lengths. But for portraiture, not for street photography!

I’ve not owned this focal length for a while, but I’ve just re-purchased it in the mount that fits my current camera system. So I thought I’d take the new lens out for a street photography session in Brighton. Firstly to re-learn this focal length and secondly to see what I could achieve with it.

Play to the strengths

So how do you play to the strengths of this focal length for street photography? The answer is simple. You use the same strengths that this focal length is known for when shooting portraits. Namely compression and subject isolation or bokeh.

Brighton Street Photography in September

So here are the results from the session in September 2020 in Brighton. I present you with my efforts at Brighton Street Photography with an 85mm lens. I’m quite pleased with the results! What do you think?

Click on the photos to view full size:

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