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This post features my images from Winter 2021-22 on the streets of Brighton. I’m clearing a backlog of photography waiting to be published!

I’m on a mission to clear that backlog now though! I didn’t do much shooting in Brighton after the summer of 2021. That was due to work commitments, plus travelling to Budapest and Kraków for some street photography late in the autumn.

I love the Winter

If you read my post about winter 2020 you’ll already know I love winter for street photography, especially in a vibrant city like Brighton. The sun is low in the sky during the day which makes for some moody lighting. Plus it gets dark early, which allows for some night work without staying out too late.

And of course the Covid restrictions had largely been lifted, so we had the Christmas activities and lights to play with too.

Christmas returned!

So yes, Christmas returned to the city after a miserable time with Covid restrictions the previous winter. It was particularly nice to see the famous outdoor ice rink return to the grounds of the Brighton Pavilion and the funfair returned to the Old Steine.

London Road and the Seafront

To balance the joyousness of Christmas I also did some work on London Road, a deliciously bleak part of the city. Of course I also shot at my eternal favourite stomping ground – the seafront. It’s the certainly never bleak down there (at least to me it isn’t)!

Anyway, here is my work as a Brighton street photographer from the winter of 2021-22:

Click on the photos to view full size:

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